hand reaching out


karen wisniewski

God's handiwork at the Dollar Tree!

robin walters

Encouragement to follow God's nudges

judy reynolds

The Name of Jesus has Power!

joy kamphuis

Joy share the Goodness of God!

barbara westworth

A testimony of healing!

peggy hopkins

God is GOOD ALL THE TIME! Let us remember to PRAISE HIM!

bertie wierenga

Keep the Lord in your mind and His Joy will be in your heart.

Wendy Ackerman

God hears us and he does answer prayer!

Micah Collins

Thank you Lord for initiative!

Karen Wisniewski

Walking in life with kingdom purposes

Darla Whitney

God is still in the miracle business

Rohingya of Bangladesh

Praying for mountains to be moved for the Rohingya people group

Judy Reynolds

God's plans may seem awkward, but trust & obey

Robert & Sue Morton

Mountain moving faith testimony

Andrew Fields

God's goodness through generosity in the mission field

Kelly Cole

While all things aren't good, God is working all things for our good

Ross & Tabatha Weaver

His provision is evident in our seasons of life

Carol Deboer

God has gifts for us, step out in faith and open them up.

Vickie Totten

God is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow

Jamie Verstrate

Be bold in your faith choices

Judy Reynolds

Praise God for those who disciple us!

Ryan Jasperse

The Lord reveals the full truth

Masters & Buchholtz

Thankfulness for the journey

Tonya Borris

Spread God's love through prayer

Barb Batson

The holy spirit guides us to pray for others

Jamie Verstrate

Through trials, the Lord creates new paths

Peggy Hopkins

Try praying! From doubt to freedom in Jesus

Nikki Macvean

Seek him and you will find him

Debbie Bagley

The Lord can speak through dreams

Tabatha Weaver & Linda Postema

Try praying! Family connections & prayer persistence

Christie Bender  & Chris Collins

Persistence through prayer. God is not far from anyone at anytime!

Robert Morton

Try praying! Prayer is simple

Ardie Clark & Eric Hooker

Try praying! It is a daily opportunity to listen to God

Ken Jamison

Try praying! Prayer changes things!

Kim Finkbeiner

Peace comes knowing my greatest strength is my weakness

Pat Cooper

Attentiveness to God's nudges

Vicki Duthler

Spirit alive! God reveals himself when we ask!

Men's Group 

Restoring hope for bridge street

Kelly Brinkert

God meets you where you are!

Joy Kamphuis

It's as easy as chicken noodle soup!

Sue Mapes

Sharing the goodness of God in our lives