Hope Weekly 9/13/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Weekly is Asking God to Rock the House!   John and Peter had just spent the night in jail, been dragged before the most important people in their culture, and commanded to never speak or teach in the name of Jesus ever again! All of this happened because they had healed a lame … Read More

Hope Weekly 8/28/2019

View this email in your browser Backpacks! Backpacks! Back to School Backpacks! Hope comes when parents see their kids have what they need for school. Hope comes when kids are equipped to learn. Hope comes when loving people hear of a need and respond to fill it!   Hope Weekly celebrates the 78 backpacks and school supplies that were donated … Read More

Hope Weekly 8/21/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Weekly celebrates Heritage Days in Middleville! Last weekend the Village of Middleville celebrated 185 years with their annual Heritage Days Weekend! Gun Lake Community Church joined forces with other area churches for the third year to help provide Kids World, a fun area with games and experiences for kids and their families. Leighton … Read More

Hope Weekly 8/8/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Comes through Rolling on the River! Sometimes hope comes with helpful hands. Sometimes hope comes through answered prayer. And sometimes hope comes from simply rolling on the river. There is something restorative about getting out in God’s creation and getting away from everyday life. Cell phones are packed away and the hustle of … Read More

Hope Weekly 7/24/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Weekly Shares Testimony of Reaching Out!   Have you ever had a hankering for a certain food? Well this story begins with a man who had a yearning for a real “Sonoran-style” chimichanga like he used to get at Bitzee Mama’s in Glendale, AZ (now my taste buds are watering!). But Bitzee Mama’s … Read More

Hope Weekly 7/11/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Weekly has a Story to Tell!   About a month ago Ralph Newton shared with Pastor Dan that he had an awesome story to tell, a miracle even, but due to vacations and schedules, they didn’t get to meet until this week. Well Ralph didn’t disappoint and now Hope Weekly can pass the … Read More

Hope Weekly 7/3/2019

View this email in your browser Hope Weekly Remembers the 500…   Hope comes in many ways to people in our region, but the greatest hope of all is to know God’s love through Jesus Christ. During the message series “REACH” at Gun Lake Community Church, we all had the opportunity to write down names that we wanted to come … Read More

Hope Weekly 6/27/2019

View this email in your browser Hope walks and drives the streets of Wayland!   On Monday evening June 24, ten believers met at the Wayland City Park to prayer walk or drive the community. They paired up into 5 teams of two, 3 teams drove while 2 teams walked. Here is what happened:   One team drove to every … Read More

Hope Weekly 6/14/2019

View this email in your browser Family Promise, Barry County Cares, and More!   Because of our partnership with B2 Outlet Stores, when anyone makes a purchase at the B2 Outlet Store in Hastings, Gun Lake Community Church gets a percentage to pour back into the Gun lake Region. This allows us to multiply hope in many ways. Over the … Read More

Hope Weekly 5/30/2019

View this email in your browser Prayer Walking Is Fun, Easy, and Brings Hope!   Beginning this Monday and then every following Monday all summer long, we have the opportunity to prayer walk (or prayer drive) through different communities in our region! Prayer walking is:   Fun – you get to talk and enjoy the people you are with while … Read More